Friday, May 27, 2011

Drugs: LSD

So I have this weird hobby where I look up a certain drug and just read about it. I love to read about it them but one thing I love to do more is talk about them. So I impart my knowledge to the random folks browsing Blogger.


This hallucinogen was made back in 1938 by a scientist named Albert Hofmann. During his experiments with his new compound, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide - 25 (LSD - 25), he accidentally exposed himself to the chemical. Not realizing that he had received a small dose of LSD he rode his bike home. He had said that he experienced a new world with bright colors and moving shapes. The day after he realized that his exposure to LSD caused him to hallucinate and he decided to experiment further with it's effects. The first intentional ingestion of the drug was in April 19, 1948 when Albert Hofmann ingested 250 micrograms of LSD. Albert found that this amount was much more intense then he had initially thought. To this day people ingest LSD to feel it's hallucinogenic effects.


LSD is a very strong hallucinogenic. There are numerous effects of this drug including: pupil dilation, reduced appetite and wakefulness. Some people have reported jaw clenching, hypo - hyperthermia, perspiration and much much more. One things for sure though, it has a very different effect from person to person mentally. People generally experience intense hallucinations that range from moving patterns to auditory hallucinations. A wide variety of people claim to be able to smell colors and taste sounds.

Pharmacology and Dosage

LSD lasts 8 - 14 hours but it varies on how much a person weighs and their height. LSD is most commonly ingested orally by a blotter but can be administered a wide variety of ways. The average dose of the drug is about 100 micrograms to 500 micrograms. No one has been officially recorded dead from an LSD overdose.

Blotter Sheet(about 20 hits):

General Facts about LSD

This drug is most commonly associated with the Hippy Movement of the 1960's. Timothy Leary, psychologist, made this drug famous by introducing it as a pyschotherapeutic drug. The songs Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendrix, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, by the Beatles, also boosted the awareness of LSD. The government as dabbled in hallucinations as a way to control people's minds or as a truth serum. There is a ton of documentation on LSD testing by the government. They now claim that there intention was to study the harmful effects of the drug but in actuality they were testing it as a chemical weapon. There was also a plan to dose Khrushchev with LSD, the Soviet Leader during that time, in attempt to make him look foolish to his country but the plan was never carried out. The government testing came to a grinding halt however when an attempt at covertly administering LSD to a CIA agent went horribly wrong. The agent ended up jumping out of his apartment window and killing himself. Soon after this occurred, LSD was made illegal.

I could literally talk for days about LSD because there is some much history behind it but this post is starting to end up pretty lengthy so I'll end it here.


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