Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Giant hole in Minecraft

There's probably a billion of these Minecraft posts out there but screw it, I do what I want! This took me a good 10 hours to dig but it wasn't a straight 10 hours (thank god). I found 5 diamonds digging down this hole. It took me forever to dig; I remember thinking, shit there's gotta be like 5 maybe 6 levels left, but it just kept going down. At one point I discovered a lava pit in the process of mining diamond and one them shits fell straight into the freakin' lava. I was pissed. Then I hit bedrock which was disappointing because I didn't find any secret caves or monster spawners. So I thought, hell might as well dig sideways, so now I have a giant cavern that goes sideways:

Lol this giant hole reminds of yur mom. I dug up about 10 diamonds down here. But here's the problem, what the hell should I  do with all the resources I've found? I have boxes and boxes of cobblestone and no ideas for what to build. So anyone who is reading this, give me some BA suggestions, like to build giant penises and stuff.

Help me losers,

PS: Here is my shizil, yall(not all of it):


  1. build a giant statue of pie

  2. Those screenshots are so.... HIGH DEFINITION!

  3. my roommates always do that on minecraft, another good one is building a maze made of glass